is a website based in Belgium.

The artist specialises mainly in the creation of abstract and contemporary art, occasionally breaking codes and mixing genres and difference .

Summer's paintings reflects her unique artistic approach . 

The nature captured has its distinctive and specific signature.

Every project is an adventure guided and ignited by a moment that spurred it forward.

As for "The sunset".


A panoramic seascape with four canvases of 60/70cm  captured at the end of a rainy day where a flamboyant sunset unexpectedly manifested itself  tearing through the dark clouds.

In that split second there was no room for doubt, it was a done deal.

Oil paint is mainly used and sporadically acrylic.

Using different mediums and tools for reliefs and landscape/seascape expression.

The home page demonstrates a sample of  her work.

In the shop you will not only have a chance to purchase one of her masterpieces  but will be guaranteed to be an authentic and original piece.

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