Private collection. 
Oil painting on linen canvas 100/120 m.

A most intricate project. 
A printer nearly out of ink and the outcome was an amazingly hazy, blurry work of art...
On paper. 
This technical glitch became  my muse. 
I just needed to get to work  and reproduce that same magical effect on canvas, big scale.
Plain sailing... or so I thought.

Looking very closely, you can detect, a lot movement in what appears at first to be a soft, romantic, vague looking image. 
This "failed" print, was a host to so many nuances, shadows, blurry, ghostly, ephemeral expressions... Now it lies in every stroke of this painting.
Contrary maybe to first impressions it is very precise, nothing is left to chance.

Yet it could have easily gone unnoticed to my eye, if I wasn't so busy with minutiae

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